This week we saw how Adele (33) was reunited with Miss McDonald, a teacher who meant a lot to her in her younger years, on her TV show ‘An Audience with Adele’. And what does it turn out to be? Adele didn’t send her home empty-handed.

“Adele wants to make sure Miss McDonald and her children have a great time at her concert”

During the meeting with Miss McDonald, she asked her for her phone number so that she could gift her a few more concert tickets of herself afterwards.

“The reunion between Adele and Miss McDonald was touching for all who saw it, but most of all for Adele,” a source told the Daily Mail. She therefore decided to give her former teacher so-called ‘diamond package’ tickets, which are the most expensive VIP seats for her show. She gifted them not only to Miss McDonalds, but to her entire family. And that is quite an expensive gift, since one ticket normally costs 593 euros each. “Adele wants to make sure that Miss McDonald and her children have a great time at her concert. She will never forget what she did for her, and now she wants to give something back,” the source said.

Adele burst into tears on stage when she was told that Miss McDonald was present during her TV shoot. She hadn’t seen her former teacher since primary school. “I still have all the books you gave me,” she said. “She taught me the love of literature. Thanks to her, I started writing lyrics, so without her I would never have been where I am today.”


Adele looks very different today than at the beginning of her career. Of course, this has largely to do with her weight loss, but there are other reasons for this as well.