Adele performing at BRITS

Adele also Won Award for her ablum “Easy on Me” song of the year for 30’s and Album of the year for 30.

Adele performed at the 2022 BRIT Awards her song “I Drink Wine”. Since Here television Special “One Night only this is Adele’s first performance.
You can watch Adele performing in the video below.

Adele also took song of the year for” Easy on Me” this was her first award of the night at the BRITs, She was also awareded with Album of the year for her album 30.

In 2016 was the last time when Adele performed at the BRITs and sang the song “When we were Young” and also took 4 awards home.
In the last Novemeber she released 30.
In the month of January she also shared a video directed by Sam Brow for her song “Oh My God”.