Actress Gaite Jansen, known from the historical drama series Peaky Blinders and the Dutch film How expensive was the sugar, sometimes lacks the Dutch sobriety in the United States.


“In the Netherlands you do not have to go too far with your head above ground level, I sometimes find that mentality a shame, but the US is very much the opposite, so I miss that sobriety, and sometimes I doubt it with a barbie doll. or talking to a real person, “says 26-year-old Jansen in conversation with AD.

The Hollands Hoop actress says that he does not need to be known. “It seems like such a fuss I can not just go to the supermarket, that’s terrible, but I do not live under a brick either.” If I am proud of a role, I also want as many people as possible to see it . ”

Jansen flies around the world for her work, and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. “Now I still have the freedom to do what I want, if I have to maintain a family of twelve children – if it is given to me, it seems to me super fun – then I can not do that anymore. I can really go all ways. ” 

From Sunday Jansen can be seen in the KRO-NCRV series.  I know who you are at NPO 3.