Film producer White Lantern is suing actress Eva Green for holding her responsible for canceling the A Patriot film project . Variety reports based on documents from the London court that the company is demanding more than 1.1 million euros from Green and a compensation for lost income because the film never came.

Green, known for her roles in Penny Dreadful and the James Bond film Casino Royale , was attached to the project as an actress and producer. According to White Lantern, production of A Patriot had to be cut short after Green decided to leave the project.

The film production company’s lawyer says that Green’s behavior shows that she never intended to fulfill her duties in the film. He says the actress made unreasonable demands that slowed down the production process and drove the company to higher costs. She wanted to hire several people to work for the film, including her own assistants, which would entail more than 275,000 euros in extra costs.

Green sued White Lantern earlier this year, because she says she is entitled to a payout of almost 900,000 euros. She says she has signed a so-called pay or play agreement, which states that she will be paid this amount, even if the film is ultimately not finished. The company does not want to pay her for this, because they argue that Green herself has not adhered to the agreement.