Busy Philipps (43) was arrested during an abortion demonstration. The actress shares this herself via her Instagram Stories. Busy says she won’t back down or give in until there is equality for all Americans.

“We will not flinch”

‘Fuck yeah’, the actress writes with a screenshot of a message from the medium Vice , which writes that the actress was arrested during an abortion demonstration before the Supreme Court in Washington. The White Chicks actress wore a shirt that read: ‘I will support and encourage abortion’ at the protest. While she is being arrested she makes a peace sign to the cameras. “We will not back down, we will not give in and we will not stop fighting until there is equality for all Americans,” the actress wrote on Instagram.

Busy joined activists protesting the rollback of the law that gave Americans the right to abortion. As a result, states can now decide for themselves to what extent they allow the possibility of abortion.

The actress can also be heard in a podcast in which the possibility of abortion is central. She is ‘grumpy’, she writes in a message on Friday in which she talks about the podcast. “We find out for you where abortion IS available, where it is NOT and how you can keep track of it all.”