Actor Jason Momao has thanked the California fire department for putting out a fire at Topanga, near Los Angeles. He posted a video on Instagram showing a fire extinguisher.

“The Super Scoopers saved the day. We love you”

“I am so grateful that things have gone well in Topanga so far,” writes the 40-year-old Game of Thrones actor, who has a house in the town. He especially thanks a fire extinguisher with a special nickname: “The Super Scoopers saved the day. We love you.”

Jason does not live alone in Topanga. He shares a household there with his wife, actress Lisa Bonet, their son and daughter, dog and donkey.

Forest fires are raging in various areas in California. Several celebrities already thanked the emergency services for their fight against fire. John Cena, for example, has promised to donate half a million to rescue organizations and basketball player LeBron James hired a food truck for the fire brigade.