Yesterday, at the Broadway Barrymore Theater in New York, the premiere of the play The Inheritance (translated from the English – inheritance. – Ed.) Was held , the main roles in which were played by Jordan Barbour, Jonathan Burke, Andrew Bernap and others.

Spend Sunday evening watching a new production decided to Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick. At the premiere of the star of the series ” Sex and the City ” (Sex and the City) was invited by his friend Benjamin Hickey, who is also involved in the play.

On the red carpet, Sarah appeared in a flowing blue and white dress and a black coat decorated with large embroidery. The star was in a good mood and with a smile, along with her husband, willingly posed for reporters at pressolova.

Uma Thurman , Matt Bomer, Victor Garber, Tony Goldwin, Jimmy Fallon and many others were the first to evaluate the new production this evening .

According to the plot of the play, on the eve of the engagement, a couple in love meets an old man from the past and a young man who has come from the future. As a result, this unexpected meeting radically changes everything in the lives of her