On November 16, a 27-year-old American tourist was surrounded and died under the arrows of members of an isolated tribe on one of the Andaman-and-Nicobar Islands. An investigation was opened by the Indian state police.

The adventure turned to drama for this 27-year-old American. John Chau, a 27-year-old American national, was killed by the arrows of an indigenous tribe on an Indian island in Andaman-and-Nicobar, an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. The local police told AFP that the man had tried to illegally approach this community cut off from civilization and hostile to the modern world.

An estimated community of 150 people

On November 16, he was surrounded and killed by a series of arrows on North Sentinel Island, after asking fishermen to escort him to this location before finishing the trip alone. “He was attacked with arrows, but he continued to walk, and the fishermen saw the tribes tie a rope around his neck and drag his body,” an unnamed police source said, adding that the fishermen “have got scared and ran away but they came back the next morning and found his body on the beach. ”

This community is best known for the name of the hunter-gatherers of the Sentinels, estimated at 150 people. She is also known for systematically attacking the least intruder setting foot on their small island in the Andaman Sea. Thus, any attempt to approach or make contact from outside has, most of the time, resulted in violent rejections from the Sentinels. The Indian state of Andaman and Nicobar has even forbidden to approach this tribe within five kilometers.

An investigation for open murder

Indian police opened an investigation for murder and seven fishermen were arrested in connection with the case. The local press reports that fishermen have warned “a religious” from the main town of the region, Port Blair, who has announced the sad news and then alerted the family of the victim in the United States. 

John Chau was in Andaman with a tourist visa and had made several trips to these islands in the past. He had tried to reach Sentinel on November 14th, but had not been able to, and two days later he was very prepared, leaving the boat halfway and taking a canoe by himself. ‘to the island’, told AFP one of the police sources.