The singer can not publish anything without receiving a lot of criticism. Not easy being Celine!

All the publications of the Quebec singer on social networks make react. Sometimes her followers find that her sexy poses are inappropriate . At other times, her sublime stage outfits delight . One thing is certain, Celine Dion does not leave anyone indifferent …

This time, the diva posted on social networks a simple photo in which she wears a t-shirt on sale in limited edition, the goal is to raise funds to stop deforestation and its impact on climate change. This is a very nice initiative!

However, it is not his outfit or his initiative that make talk, but rather his physical appearance that drives his detractors. Many find her hair pulled back does not suit her at all, while others find her too thin. Several followers allow themselves to criticize, but others also bring them back to order by indicating that the singer is beautiful without compromise.

Here is the picture in question that makes react. Not always easy to be a star in view … Fortunately, Celine must have other cats to whip than read the gossip on social networks.