Facebook would charge Pakistan Advertisers in Pakistani Rupee.

Facebook has a lots of users in Pakistan both using Facebook as users and as publishers. Facebook has stated getting payments from the Pakistani Advertisers in Pakistani Rupees.
Now Pakistani Facebook advertisers won’t have to pay in US dollars instead they would be able to pay in Pakistani Rupees.

facebook charing in Pakistani rupee

This great option is available in Facebook currency accepting system and this would save lot of extra money which they had to pay for the conversion charges to the banks. So this would help local users to save money and invest on more adverting. Normally if a users buy advertisement of Rs. 100,000/- he would have to pay rs. 8000 to 10,000 extra for the dollar conversion charges.
If a user from Pakistan want to use this option and when he would change the currency from Dollar to Pakistan Rupee Facebook would create a new AD account it won’t change anything except that your old campaigns won’t be available anymore in the publisher account.

So happy advertisement journey with Facebook.