The film, directed by Neil Marshall, will have the difficult task of succeeding the opus of Guillermo Del Toro!

After two episodes directed by Guillermo Del Toro, Hellboy signs his big return. As a reminder, the Mexican filmmaker had aborted the project of a trilogy, pushing the studio to propose a reboot and enjoy the rights of his hero. It’s Entertainment Weekly that unveils a first picture of the hero with his huge fiery sword. It remains to be seen if the fans will be convinced by the realization of Neil Marshall who does not have the aura of Guillermo Del Toro with his last – despite honorable achievements including The Descent.

A first photo to put in the tooth for fans of the hero

Impossible to be wrong: this is the famous Hellboy. Pointed horns, fire sword, huge glove, lacerated body … The hero presents himself with a first image unveiled by Entertainment Weekly. As a reminder, it is the actor David Harbor, known for his role in Stranger Things, who embodies the character. Other actors are obviously in the casting as Milla Jovovich (film saga Resident Evil) or Ian McShane. Goodbye so Ron Perlman or stillSalma Blair who built the success of Hellboy Del Toro – but especially Doug Jones.

As a reminder, the director Neil Marshall has made several episodes of series including some Game of Thones. The man is best known for The Descent, an ultra-claustrophobic horror movie with a good reputation in the fan community. It remains to be seen if the filmmaker will succeed in erasing the aura of Del Toro that hovers over the famous character whose adaptations by the Mexican which much appreciated – including the second episode!