To this end, there was a brand new preview.

The first self-made content of the DC Universe streaming service launched under the umbrella of Warner Bros. will be the soon-to-be-running Titans, but it is clear from the platform that this is only available to US residents. To ensure that overseas fans do not suffer, Variety reports that Netflix has acquired the rights of the international distribution of the series, so local Netflix subscribers will also enjoy the adventures of the Titans.

This decision also confirms that the DC Universe service launched on September 15 is not planned in the near future, but is also an ideal way for anyone to legally track episodes from seven to seven days within or outside the US.

In parallel with the announcement, Netflix has released the official preview of the series, which comic-conon’s debut, unknowingly dark-haired, does not omit the humorous moments typical of the cartoon, and even more than all the main characters and abilities. 


Although Netflix has not yet commented on the premier title, the Titans’ first part will be debut on DC Universe on Friday, October 12th.