A $ AP Rocky does not appeal the conditional punishment he received for his role in a fight in Stockholm. His lawyer announced this on Wednesday.

The rapper, called Rakim Mayers in real life, and two of his team members were sentenced in mid-August for kicking and beating a 19-year-old boy during a street fight. They told the judge that they did not deal the first blow, but defended themselves. A $ AP Rocky is no longer interested in further litigation. It gives him too many headaches and tension, according to his counsel. He does not have the strength to do this again. The claimant also leaves it at that, it turned out last week. 

A $ AP Rocky and his team members were allowed to leave their Swedish cell last month and fly back to the United States. President Trump had repeatedly insisted on this with his counterpart in Sweden, but always got blunt. Trump was told that the judge was about that.