It is now that Kim Kardashian conquers the audience with gorgeous images on the red carpet and on the pages of glossy publications, but several years ago she could not boast of the status of a trendsetter. In an interview for Arabian Vogue, the star told how she now relates to her former style, and recognized Kanye West as her best stylist.

Kim’s wardrobe no longer has satin dresses, wide belts and earrings, but only in the last few years. In the early years of filming the Keeping Up with Kardashians reality show, she did not set trends and had no chance to decorate the cover of Vogue until she began a relationship with Kanye West. In 2015, Kardashian said that he destroyed most of her wardrobe, bringing her to tears, but now she is grateful to him for this.

Then I did not understand why you wanted to get rid of all my clothes, but I tried to hold my face. You introduced me to designers that I had never heard of before. Now I really understand and I am sure that I wear. You were my best stylist

Said Kim Kanye, who was interviewing her.

As for her past public appearances, the star does not regret anything.

Looking back, I can only laugh. All those images reflected the essence: who I was, what I could afford, what I knew about fashion at that time,

– judged Kim.

Today, on Kardashian’s Instagram account, 147 million followers who watch her reality shows, buy her makeup and follow the fashion trends that she sets, be it a snake print or voluminous buttocks.