He wanted to plant potatoes but finally unearthed bones. A Siberian man discovered by digging into his kitchen garden human remains that turned out to be those of the ex-girlfriend, killed 21 years ago, Russian investigators said Tuesday.

The macabre discovery occurred in the village of Luzino, about 2,200 kilometers east of Moscow, said the Regional Committee of Investigation, which did not provide the identity of the villager. An investigation for murder has been opened.

She admits to having hit her with an ax in 1997

This Russian, “while he was moving the earth from his kitchen garden to plant potatoes discovered human bones and a skull,” said the source.

The villager’s companion, aged 60, admitted to having hit her ex-companion “several times in the head with an ax” after an argument in 1997. She then cut up the body of this man from 52 years to bury him in his vegetable garden.

The woman then explained to her neighbors that her companion had gone to look for work and no one cared what he had become.


She would have asked her companion to cover her

The tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda argues that she had openly confided in her companion asking him not to tell the police. But he did not do anything.

No prescription applies to this crime, according to the newspaper. The alleged killer is now prohibited from traveling.