Jennifer Lopez took part in a photo shoot for Variety and spoke in an interview about the difficult filming process of the film “Strippers”, a romance with Alex Rodriguez and double standards of Hollywood.

On September 12, crime comedy will be released in large screens, in which Jennifer played the main role. As the actress admitted, playing a stripper named Ramona was a big challenge for her.

I was terrified. I felt like I was caught in indecent occupation. I have never done anything like this! Climbing the stage in the form of a dancer, you must have a certain mood. You need to be strong and courageous. Claiming yourself to be a rock star, you need to look down on people, otherwise nothing will work. Strippers do the same: they are tough and difficult, vulnerable and injured. Ramona is an amazing character

– concluded the star.

The actress noted that over the long years of her career, she had to deal with double standards and humiliation. So, several Hollywood directors at one time allowed themselves to assess the size of her buttocks.

They would never say to a guy: “Wow, what a big penis you have,”

– indignant Lopez.

In everything that she does, her fiancé Alex Rodriguez supports her, and she tries to reciprocate him.

He comes to every performance, if he can. I go to all his games whenever possible. In my life there were times when my personal life was going well, but my career did not go uphill. This is the first time I have really found a balance between one and the other. I think that’s Alex’s great merit,

– judged Jennifer.