During yesterday’s The Late Late Show, Zoe Saldana surprised the presenter James Corden, saying that her mother constantly confuses her with another actress.

Recently, my mother told me: “Is your show going on HBO?” “What is it?” – I asked my mother. “World of the Wild West!” she answered. So that you understand that Tandy Newton is playing in this series, not me,”

Zoya said with a smile.

Confusion began back in 2004, when Asalia Nazario thought that her daughter Zoe Saldana performed one of the main roles in the movie “Clash”.

Sometimes I even joke about her: “Mom, you didn’t give birth to Tandy Newton,” says Zoe.

Several years ago, at the Golden Globes ceremony, Zoe and Tandy finally met and laughed at this confusion together. Now they are friends and often correspond.