In early May, former Disney star Zendai won the audience in a fabulous way on Met Gala 2019. However, instead of an enthusiastic image, Lindsay Lohan criticized the actress and accused her of plagiarism of the image of Claire Danes. In a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, Zendaya commented on the scandalous star attacks.

“Claire Danes has already done this in a Zac Posen outfit. She was so beautiful that time, I don’t understand why someone thought it could be smarter, ”wrote Lohan on Twitter, criticizing the image of the young actress. Then Zendaya did not respond to the accusations of the star, but recently returned to this topic again. “She did not hurt me, and it didn’t upset me, because I have no idea what this man goes through. Perhaps for her it was such a strange way to feel better that day, ”the 22-year-old star suggested.

Zendaya also said that the image of Cinderella was a tribute to the Disney channel on which she worked before getting into Spider-Man and other adult projects. Not so long ago, she presented a new series from HBO “Euphoria”, which tells about a juvenile drug addict named Roo Bennet. Despite the fact that the actress stated that she did not consider the show more shocking than the “Game of Thrones”, the very first episode made an indelible impression on viewers with explicit overdose scenes, sex with minors and not only.