It has not been going well for the singer Zayn Malik (28) for some time: after the love break with Gigi Hadid (26), the singer now also has to fight for custody of his daughter Khai. The singer will do everything in his power to win the case, a source told the entertainment website ‘Radar Online’.

“Any allegation of aggression issues or that he would not be able to care for his daughter, he will fight to the very end to disprove it.”

After being kicked out by his record label, accused of assaulting his ex-mother-in-law Yolanda Hadid – which he denies to this day – and suspected marijuana addiction, the following problem now faces: custody of daughter Khai.

It could well be determined that the former One Direction singer would not be mentally stable enough to take care of his daughter. Gigi and Zayn are currently co-parenting. But against any allegation of aggression issues or of being unable to care for his daughter, he will fight to the very end to disprove it,” the source said.

Gigi is probably willing to make contact with her ex-boyfriend. Her mother Yolanda could, however, throw a spanner in the works: “Even if Gigi wanted him as a co-parent, her mother could put a stop to that through the legal system after the suspected abuse.”

According to the source, Gigi previously tried to salvage her relationship with the singer by letting him work on his personal problems: “Gigi urged Zayn to talk to a therapist to work on his problems.”