Zayn Malik can finally look back on his time with the British boyband One Direction without anger. The 25-year-old singer left the band in March 2015, because he no longer liked it. 

“I can now see it as a wonderful experience”, says 25-year-old Malik, who has been working on his solo career for a few years, in an interview in Vogue. 

Until recently, the singer could not say that. “There was so much bullshit”, says Malik about One Direction. “When I look back at our last performances, in stadiums, I see that I never really could enjoy it, it all went too fast.”


The band, which was formed in the television series  X Factor, became enormously popular in a short time. “We went from theaters to arenas to stadiums, there was no subtle transition, it went from tree, tree, tree, I think that such a thing, especially if you are 17 or 18, has a big influence on your mental condition. with five different personalities. “

After his departure, Malik talked a lot about his experiences with his surroundings. “I did not have any therapy, but I talked a lot with my parents, my sisters, my girlfriend (Gigi Hadid, ed.) And her mother, and in the end I could see that it’s all okay.”

It is no secret that Malik has had no contact with his former colleagues from One Direction for years. “That’s the way it is: people go on with their lives, they grow apart and they become adults.”