Paul McCartney accepted an unusual challenge from television presenter Jimmy Fallon, the host of the NBC night show, to surprise his fans in the least expected way.

The 76-year-old singer and animator decided to improvise to amaze his fans at the traditional Rockefeller Center in New York City.
Without the visitors knowing, when the doors of the elevator that was going to transport them to the different television studios located at the top of the building opened, they found celebrities practicing the most unusual activities, from magic tricks to combats of ping pong.
The reactions of the people who were invited to participate in the surprise were of the most varied, from amazement to absolute disbelief.
Some fans laughed, while others screamed. The most surprised, even, remained frozen, unable to express what was going through their minds to see in the first person the former Beatle and top legend of music.

Fallon and McCartney themselves could not contain their laughter as they carried out their elaborate skit, in which they also pretended to read the newspaper as if they were on a Sunday afternoon in their respective homes.