Exit the chronological way, the site will decide for you which videos to watch …

Most social networks have reinvented the TL, preferring some publications over others without relying on chronological order. And it will soon be the case of YouTube if we believe the site 9to5Google has made an interesting discovery. It is a spotted tweet that put the bug in the ear of the latter in which a user evoked a new display of the contents of his TL. Only a handful of Internet users would be concerned by this change which should gradually extend to all people using YouTube. Again, it is a robot that seems to detect only what content will be the most interesting to offer to people surfing the site, recent or not.

YouTube is experimenting with a new way of showing subscriptions

As explained earlier, 9to5Google made this interesting discovery about how YouTube will be categorized in the future. Now, an algorithm, no matter the order of publication, will favor some content rather than others – a bit like Facebook or Twitter. We can already imagine the site, owned by Google, put forward its youtubeurs stars rather than others, more anonymous but whose proposals could be quality, if not better.

It remains to be seen how users will receive this novelty. On the Twitter side, many are already complaining of such a display that had not pleased Facebook and Twitter cited above. It seems that the chronological order is gradually disappearing for profit from the companies behind our favorite social networks. They are now the ones who choose what the user will see or not see. The restrictions of the big machines could one day wear out the users, even the billions of monthly Internet users that harvest YouTube.