Katy Perry has made a very remarkable confession. The singer says in her Story on Instagram that she was once suspended in high school, because she made dubious ‘hip movements’ against a tree.

“Inadmissible behavior”

“When I was suspended in the sixth grade because of the attack of a tree and because of other things and such,” Katy writes in a letter to her parents in which her “inadmissible behavior” is mentioned.

The report states that the then 12-year-old Katy made hip movements against a tree that she pretended to be Tom Cruise.

Criminal record

However, it was not the only “crime” that Katy committed at the Santa Barbara Christian School. The letter also states that she had previously misused the name of the Lord by saying ‘oh my God’. She also played forbidden games such as ‘spin the bottle’ and ‘truth or dare’, which resulted in the kissing of fellow pupils on the cheek. A few teachers also found that she danced too sexy on the Macarena.

Katy continued to seek out the border not only with her behavior, but also with her choice of clothing. She was warned several times because she uncovered part of her belly with her crop tops.