The American Crime Story about the scandal around Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky is canceled. That’s what the creator of the television series Ryan Murphy announced on Wednesday.


In American Crime Story , every season a different event from recent American history takes center stage. That started with the case against OJ Simpson in The People v. OJ Simpson , and currently the second series of the program is on display in the US, which deals with the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace.

The third season will revolve around Hurricane Katrina and the lack of assistance in the affected area and last year Murphy announced that it is also working on a section on Clinton and Lewinsky.

He had already bought the rights of a book before that, but now sees the idea.

Old mistress

The television maker tells The Hollywood Reporter that he did not want to make the program without the cooperation of Lewinsky, whom he met in the meantime. “I told her: no one other than you has to tell your story, if you want to do that with me, I would love it, but you have to produce this and make money out of it.” Apparently the former mistress of Bill Clinton did not listen to that.

A few hours after the announcement by Murphy, Transmitter History also announced that it was deleting a Clinton project. A mini-series about the deposition process against the then president does not go through for creative reasons. Among other things, the producers could not have found a suitable actor to play Clinton.