Kanye West has designed t-shirts that encourage black Americans to turn their backs on the Democrats. The musician calls that Blexit. 

West is a supporter of the incumbent Republican president Donald Trump. Together with his wife Kim Kardashian, ‘Ye’ maintains warm ties with the president.

The shirts designed by West showed up in Washington on Saturday at the Young Black Leadership Summit of Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a gathering of young black conservatives. The rapper himself was not at the meeting. 


According to a spokesperson for TPUSA, Kanye “has taken a bold step to start a discussion that America desperately needs.” On the shirts next to the text ‘Blexit’ is also ‘We Free’.

The intention is to further expand the idea of ‘Blexit’. There is now a website and TPUSA also wants to travel through the country to win souls for the movement. “We will continue until the Democrats are wiped out,” says the spokesperson for the organization.