Change of epoch for Diana Prince! After the First World War, the superheroine is projected in the retro atmosphere of the 80s in “Wonder Woman 1984”. The feature film was revealed through a second trailer during the DC FanDome. These new images finally reveal the appearance of the big bad …

Introduced to the public in 2016 in  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , Wonder Woman was treated to her own film a year later. The superheroine also known as Diana Prince then joined the ranks of the  Justice League in  late 2017, alongside Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill .

On September 30, the Amazon played by Gal Gadot will be back in  Wonder Woman 1984,  a sequel still orchestrated by Patty Jenkins . During the DC FanDome, a second trailer for the blockbuster was unveiled. These images promise new revelations about Diana Prince’s past, as well as a spectacular clash with a formidable opponent.

After her exploits during the First World War, the super-heroine continues to operate secretly in Reagan America in the 80s. In this sequel, Diana Prince finds her partner Steve Trevor, yet left for dead at the end of the first opus. Along with this enigmatic comeback, Wonder Woman must face two enemies. The first, Maxwell Lord, is a wealthy businessman able to control the thoughts of other humans, and inspired by Donald Trump . The second is Barbara Minerva, a relative of Diana Prince who has been  transformed into a super-predator named Cheetah after a bad experience.

The new Wonder Woman 1984  trailer  finally reveals the appearance of this adversary played by Kristen Wiig, the star  My Best Friends  and  The Dream Life of Walter Mitty . Chris Pine takes on the role of Steve Trevor, while Pedro Pascal lends his features to Maxwell Lord.

Wonder Woman 1984  is not the only film in the works in which the superheroine will be present. Indeed, Gal Gadot will also be back next year in the  Snyder Cut  of  Justice League . Expected on HBO Max, this version is the one wanted by the director Zack Snyder, who had been forced to leave the project following a family drama. Joss Whedon had replaced him then, and fans had not masked their disappointment by discovering the film released at the end of 2017. This unpublished montage was also entitled to its trailer at the DC FanDome, to discover below.