A former actress says she was raped by Steven Seagal at a party marking the end of the filming of On Deadly Ground ( forbidden land ).

Regina Simons says the actor undressed her and then assaulted her on her bed while she was looking at a picture of his wife on the bedside table.

The complainant adds that the alleged assault was “very aggressive and traumatic” in an interview broadcast on NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today on Friday . She was 18 at the time, in 1993.

The actor’s lawyer did not immediately respond to interview requests on Friday.

Regina Simons says she was surprised to discover she was the only party guest at Steven Seagal’s party to celebrate the end of the shoot, where she worked as an extras.

She says the man quickly found herself on top of her and could not move.

She adds that during the alleged assault, she focused her attention on a photo of the actor and “the lady of the film Weird Science “. At the time, Steven Seagal was married to Kelly LeBrock, who starred in Weird Science.

She says she reported the incident to the Beverly Hills police.

Other women have previously accused Steven Seagal of sexual misconduct. Jenny McCarthy accused the actor of having harassed her in a hearing in 1995, while Portia de Rossi accused him of opening the zipper of her pants, also in audition.

A spokesman for Steven Seagal denied Jenny McCarthy’s charges, published in The Daily Beast . She told the same incident to Movieline in 1998.