Wiz Khalifa is a hell of Weed smoker. He can really smoke. The Young rapper gave an interview to Joe Rogan’s. The Rapper explained his daily habbits of Weed smoking. Khalifa explained how he have ascended spiritually when compared to his peers.
Rogan asked Wiz how you have ascended spritually? “Through that giant jug of weed you have on the table?”

During the interview a jar filled with Weed was brought by the Rapper and it was on the table in front of him.

Rapper explained that he only smokes one strain of pot, his own strain called Khalifa kush. “I’ll get physically ill if I don’t smoke my strain. I’ll get a runny nose, I’ll start coughing,” he told Rogan. “I need KK.”

Rogan also asked about the quantity of marijuana Rapper takes daily. Khalifa Replied “Probably an ounce”.

Check the complete interview of Khalifa Wiz with Rogan here on this Video