Taylor Swift’s speech at the MTV VMAs, calling on the White House to respond to her petition for the Equality Act, has also been heard in Washington. Press officer Judd Deere responded Tuesday to the words of the singer.

“The Trump government is absolutely against discrimination in any form and supports the equal treatment of everyone. However, the Equality Act law adopted in its current form rattles and undermines parental rights,” said Deere.

Swift has been campaigning for the equal rights of the LGBTQ community for years and has obtained half a million signatures from people who supported her petition.

According to the singer, that was five times as much as normally needed to get a response from Washington.

The Equality Act law has been approved by the American House, which is dominated by the Democrats. However, the law has never been proposed to the predominantly Republican Senate, and if it is up to the White House it will not happen.