The BFF of Ben Affleck confesses after having affirmed the opposite.

Involved since the first New York Times revelations in the Harvey Weinsteinscandal , notably accused by Rose McGowan of knowing and not saying anything, Matt Damon denied the accusations and defended himself. ” I never try to put pressure on a story like this , he replied to Deadline about the producer of the film Good Will Hunting . I would not do that. It’s not something I’ll do. For nobody . ” And of course, he had assured that he was not aware of anything, like his BFF Ben Affleck …

We learn today that it was wrong, and it is Matt Damon who says it in person. The actor seen inAlone on MarsandElysium has visibly recovered his memory, alongside George Clooney . On the set of Good Morning America ,the father of four children revealed that he was aware of the sexual abuse of which Gwyneth Paltrow had been a victim , at least two years before his Oscar for Shakeapeare in Love . “ I knew about Gwyneth’s story, Ben (Affleck) told me because he was with her after Brad (Pitt) ,” says the comedian.I never talked to Gwyneth about that. Ben had told me, but I learned that they had come to some sort of agreement or compromise and that she had supported it. (…) She was the first queen of Miramax, he always spoke about it with great respect. “

Yes, Matt Damon knew, and not just for Gwyneth Paltrow’s case, though he nuanced. ” When people say, ‘everyone knew’, yes, I knew it, I knew he was an asshole, he was proud of that, I knew he was a womanizer, I would never have I wanted to marry him, his level of sexual predation was not something that I could imagine, not at all, “he said.Suburbicon .
These are remarks that detonate a little with the words that Damon had had a few days ago. ” I did five or six films with Harvey, I’ve never seen that [cases of harassment or sexual assault], I think a lot of actors say that everybody knew. This kind of predation happens behind closed doors and outside the public view, “said the star.