The already promising HBO Watchmen series has just become even more so with the first casting announcement, while Damon Lindelof says more about his intentions.

While production has been underway for several months now and is due to arrive on HBO soon, the Watchmen series is in the news this week for two major reasons. The first is that the creator of this new adaptation, Damon Lindelof ( The Leftovers ), has published a long letter online to explain his relationship with the work and his intentions regarding the show. The second is that the first cast members are known and that the chain did not do things by half.

Watchmen on HBO will be a “remix”

Let’s start with the letter, whose main information is as follows: Watchmen on HBO will not be a simple adaptation of the 12 volumes of the comics, considered as a sacred land canon that does not have to be rebooted, recreated or reprocessed. It will therefore be a “remix”, much like the New Testament after the Old Testament to resume the comparison of man.



Day 140.

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It will not really be a continuation and the plot, which will show new characters, but also moments of the past via a “surprising, but familiar” angle of view, will take place in the world created by the original creators, but in a contemporary context. In short, make do with this and let your imagination work.

A solid cast, but unknown roles
Let’s go to the cast, unveiled by Variety and confirmed by Lindelof. First, Regina King, already seen in The Leftovers by the way, should have the lead role still unknown. Next will be Don Johnson ( Miami Vice ), Tim Blake Nelson ( O’Brother ), Louis Gossett Jr. ( Officer and Gentleman ), Adelaide Clemens ( Rectify ) and Andrew Howard ( Banshee ). Experienced actors and actresses therefore, who always give more desire to look at the result.


New faces. New masks to cover them. And more to come…

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