Cavill will follow the path of Mark Ruffalo, whose Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe does not claim the status of the first violin, but successfully fits into films about other superheroes.

Fans are most likely pleased with the recent news that Henry Cavill will return to the role of Superman in future DC films, but Warner Bros. Studios He does not believe in the prospects of yet another separate film about this character. According to rumors, the studio believes that Cavill did not justify himself in the image of Clark Kent. Recall that Cavill played this role in Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: At the Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017). The Heroic Hollywood resource, referring to its sources, writes:

The solo film about Superman at the moment does not portend success. Perhaps in the future the situation will change, but so far this character will be in the DC blockbusters on the sidelines.

Steel Man raised a pretty solid box office of $ 668 million, while Batman vs. Superman box office totaled $ 873 million. Nevertheless, Warner Bros. bosses counted on more impressive revenue, because the production of each of these films cost about $ 250 million. But the studio suffered the most damage after the release of the Justice League. Surrounded by turmoil and conflict, this project outlined the crisis that the DC movie universe has fallen into.

The last time Cavill played Superman was in the Justice League, although he also had a cameo in Shazama! (2019). Since then, rumors arose that Warner Bros. no longer counts on Cavill, despite the fading enthusiasm of the actor himself. In particular, information slipped that instead of a new film about Superman, the studio wants to shoot a solo album led by Supergirl. As a result, the parties came to a compromise: Cavill will continue to play Superman, but he will only be a supporting character.