“In fact, we have never been friends …”

The movie Sex and the City 3 is officially canceled. Maybe good news for the 7th art, but not at all for Sarah Jessica ParkerKristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, furious, who have publicly accused the band’s fourth girl, Kim Cattrall, of causing the project, because of “scandalous demands”.

An attack immediately refuted on Twitter by the woman, who assures to have always said that she would not make a 3rd film:


Interviewed last night by Piers Morgan , in his show Life Stories , Cattrall goes further and explains that this much desired sequel “has something toxic” . And the actress does not understand the reaction of Sarah Jessica Parker and others: “It’s crazy enough to be attacked and treated of Diva, today, for a film that I categorically refuse to do for more than one year (…) I find it rather extraordinary to find myself with a negative press campaign for something I just said no, I never asked for money, I never asked to be included in other projects, so be considered a Diva today,

The actress adds and says: “On that, I want the entire troupe of Sex and the City and especially Sarah Jessica Parker , who have not been very nice to me.” Sarah could have been nicer … I do not know what his problem is, I never understood it in fact. “

Kim Cattrall , who is 61 years old, goes further and says : ” In fact, we have never been friends (with the other girls in Sex and the City ), we were just colleagues. way, it’s healthier like that . ” She explains that she was especially disappointed that no one picks up her phone to catch up with her, before balancing this third movie project. ” Usually, that’s what happens in a healthy relationship, you ask someone if they’re available, they tell them about the project, and if they’re caught elsewhere or they refuse, they say” thank you anyway and good luck for the future. “That’s not what happened here.

Moreover, according to her, ” the best of Sex & the City was the series, the two films were just bonuses (for fans). ” And then the actress now feels too old for this role , which she made in 94 episodes on HBO (between 1998 and 2004), then in cinema (in 2008 and 2010). ” It’s not for me anymore, it’s like that, now that I’ve been in my sixties, it’s a cape, we say to ourselves: what did not I do in my life and what do I want to do? ” 

So, when in December 2016, the production called her to do Sex & the City 3 , she said ” no thanks “. Nevertheless, Kim Cattrall has an idea for the film to be done anyway, without it: ” Samantha is still a great role! I used it to the rope, but another actress should embody it. to be they could make an African American or Hispanic Samantha Jones, right? ” A final tackle to the Sex & the City band and the production, often accused of having grossly forgotten all forms of diversity in his ode to New York. It is clear, between the old friends, the break seems well and well consumed, for good.