Walmart Inc would be spending another $428 million for the bonuses of employees this year as per their announcement made on Tuesday. This offer is to compensate its U.S employees in order to tackle demand for esential good during the Covid-19 Pandeic.

Walmat is the largest employer of the United States said that total expenditure on its employees is going to be round $1.1 billion this year.

Just like the other retialers has seen spike in demand for groceries and due to this spike in demand the company has added hundreds of new hourly employees to meet the needs. Although due to extra expenditure to keep the stores open safely this situation pressured its profit.

As per the Walmart Announcement the ful time hourly employees would get $300 as bonus and on the other hand the part time worker would get $150, moreove the drivers, managers and assistant managers would also get bonus.

As per the Walmarts which largest retailer of the world said that it would close its own and Sam’s clob outlets n Thanksgiving day this year.