The electric truck market is booming. Tesla, of course, prepares its first semi-trailer, but the competition does not wait for the American manufacturer: Volvo has just announced its first truck powered by the fairy electricity.

The Volvo FL is not intended for large migrations from one country to another: this truck will find its place within a city, for waste management for example or for distribution and deliveries. The vehicle weighs 16 tons, it can carry a battery ranging from 100 to 300 kWh, depending on the distance to travel (up to 300 km). It takes about ten hours to recharge the batteries, or one to two hours fast charging.

A truck for the city

The engine has a power of 175 horsepower, and it can push up to 248 in case of need. The first FL trucks will circulate next year in Europe, with commercialization expected to start in early 2019, as will production. The first two deliveries are reserved for Renova and TGM collection and recycling companies. The prices have not been communicated, unfortunately.

With this model, we are enabling cities to pursue responsible urban development with the benefits of electric trucks,” says Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks. The manufacturer has relied on the experience of Volvo Buses, which since 2010 has sold more than 4,000 electric buses. The FL truck uses the same technologies as these buses.