British TV viewers are in deep mourning. Yesterday, a report was broadcast for charity ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ about Brett Kinloch, a 31-year-old man who fought an aggressive brain tumor for four years. Just when his wife Nicola was due to give birth, his condition became critical. It was a race against the clock to ensure that Brett could still embrace his newborn daughter. And that left no one untouched. 

Brett Kinloch was a teacher from Bedfordshire, a town in the East of England region. In 2015, the British man was told that he had an aggressive brain tumor. He was originally told that he had only been awarded 12 months. Nevertheless, he always remained competitive and had no intention of winning the tumor. He had a goal to live for: together with his wife Nicola  they already had two daughters, Freya and Ella,  and their third girl was coming. The family was very close and Brett and Nicola supported each other through thick and thin. 

Yet fate struck. Just when Nicola hurried to the hospital to give birth, Brett’s condition suddenly deteriorated enormously. Brett was also rushed to the hospital, and so it happened that the two partners ended up in two different hospitals, more than 30 kilometers apart.

When Nicola learned what had happened, she immediately had a mission ready: gave birth as soon as possible so that Brett could see their daughter before he died. She succeeded: only  50 minutes after the birth of their baby, mother and daughter were  released from the hospital. She hurried to her husband, so that Brett could still put their miracle Ariya in his arms.

“There is no doubt about it, he was waiting for her,” Nicola said. “I just wanted to get there, there was no doubt that we would arrive on time. I have placed our daughter next to his face. Then he took her in his arms and gently rubbed her hair. ”  Three hours later, Brett died in the hospital.

The British viewers are greatly affected by the story. In no time the report went viral on social media and it rained sad but also heartwarming reactions. “I was not ready for this at all. This is the saddest story I have ever heard, “it said on Twitter. Or also: “What a roller coaster, I’m crying so hard here,” “Life can be hard.” I was totally torn apart by seeing this “and” The Brett story hit me hard. It was heartbreaking, cancer is so terrible. It reminded me how happy I am that my mom is still in my life. She also had a brain tumor, and although there is a chance that it might come back, I am so happy that she got through it. ”