hypersonic plane

The aircraft will be able to reach speeds of Mach 9, that is, more than 11,000 kilometers per hour.

The American company Venus Aerospace presented its ‘Stargazer’, a hypersonic aircraft capable of “traveling around the world in one hour”, according to a statement published on its website on Tuesday, which is accompanied by a video.

In the recording, barely a minute long, it is observed how a graphic representation of what the future aircraft will be -which presents the name of the company both on the body and on the wings, as well as the logo on the fin- flies over what appears to be the planet Earth.

The text indicates that the Venus Aerospace vehicle engineering team has been working on this model since the company’s founding in 2020.

To do this , they raised more than 33 million dollars , of which a million came from government funds, to build a hypersonic drone and a space plane, both capable of traveling at speeds of Mach 9, that is, more than 11,000 kilometers per hour. , reason why they assure that both will be able to “travel around the world in an hour”.

“Venus has a dedicated and experienced team of aerospace, military, and research and development veterans who are pushing the boundaries of high-speed transportation,” the statement continues.

Likewise, it details that they are working on their three main technologies: a state-of-the-art rocket engine, with zero emissions; an innovative aircraft configuration; and state-of-the-art cooling, which allows the aircraft to take off from existing spaceports.

On the other hand, the company highlights that during the last year they have designed and built their technological demonstration engine, they have executed key experiments in hypersonic wind tunnels and propulsion test facilities throughout the US, and they have begun a campaign of ground test at the Houston spaceport.

“Over the next year, Venus will begin subsonic and supersonic flight tests of a scale drone,” the text concludes.