Once upon a time, the creators of The Matrix admitted that initially, Will Smith was considered the main character. In those days, the actor considered the blockbuster script strange and refused to participate, giving way to Keanu Reeves. However, now thanks to Deepfake technology, fans have the opportunity to see what a picture with a black Neo would be like.

The author of the video clearly demonstrated what would happen if the actor said “yes” to the “Matrix” and not to the “Wild, Wild West”. Internet users generally endorsed such an experiment. “You want to say that the Beverly Hills Prince could have appeared in The Matrix?”, “What an amazing time we live in, I like how this technology is used,” “Ladies and gentlemen, the future has officially arrived,” wrote the audience .

Nevertheless, some felt that it was impossible to replace Reeves with this role: “I have the feeling that Will is about to start joking and singing hip-hop”, “Fortunately, he rejected this role and did the world a favor.”