Victoria Beckham admitted that she enjoys her age. The designer said that she is absolutely normal about aging. This is an inevitable process, and therefore she does not try to look as young as possible.

The appearance of the 45-year-old Victoria many enthralls. It may seem that the designer is doing everything possible to not look his age. However, it is not. In one of her interviews, Beckham stated that she was not trying to get younger.

I just want to look good for my age. I want to look like the best version of myself and take care of what I have,

She said. Victoria also noted that she did not want to change anything in her appearance, because she was quite happy with her.

Moreover, the designer said that she likes to grow old, but the name of this process (“aging”) is much less pleasant for her.

I am normal about how it looks, because it turns out that way. Everyone is getting older. But I don’t like the way it sounds

– said Victoria.

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Sunday testing face masks… 🤔

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However, it’s no secret that, despite his love for himself and his age, Beckham takes his skin care very seriously. To do this, she eats salmon every day. With it, Victoria receives the necessary dose of omega-3 acids, which keep her skin healthy and radiant. She also uses expensive facial cosmetics.