Among the guests that Véronique Cloutier will welcome in the decor of 1st timein the coming weeks, there is a personality that the host has rarely had the chance to interview on its various platters, but she knows very well though: Patrick Huard . Véro has indeed confirmed that she will concoct some surprises to her ex-lover as part of her new show at Radio-Canada last week at the ComédiHa Galas press conference! 2018. For not only Véronique Cloutier and Patrick Huard fraieront they at BMO 1st time , but they will also both at the helm of a humor evening of 19 th ComediHa! Fest Quebec, next August.

And Véronique Cloutier is particularly happy to finally have the opportunity to talk on the small screen with the one who is today his very good friend, after a few missed appointments.

“I’m so happy!” Exclaimed Vero. I’m really excited, because it’s been a long time since I got Patrick on a set. He did not come to Les Enfants de la télé when I was there, I tried to invite him to Rétroviseur (on Vé, ed) and it had not worked … There, it gives and it tempts him! So, he’ll come on 1st time , and I’m very excited! “

The date of broadcast of this head-to-head televised has not yet been specified by Radio-Canada, and we still do not know, either, who will be the second or the first guest twice (e) ) to Patrick Huard.

Recall that Véronique Cloutier and Patrick Huard had a highly publicized relationship between 1998 and 2001, while the latter was recovering from his break no less flashy, publicly, with Lynda Lemay. Shortly after the announcement of their separation, the noise of an idyll between Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette began to circulate.

Patrick Huard and Véronique Cloutier have often made jokes about their past love affair. Huard had even participated, at the end of 2003, in This is not a Bye Bye , the first review of the radio-Canadian year of Vero and Louis, playing “Séraphin Péladeau”.

Funny fact, Véronique Cloutier has invited another of her ex-friends to have fun with her at the first time : José Gaudet, she attended in the mid-90s. This shoot should take place in the coming days.

This Thursday, January 25, at 20h, artists honored at BMO 1st time will be Ricardo and Pierre Hébert. The 1 st February Mariloup Wolfe and Christian Bégin will be in the spotlight and on February 8, it was the turn of Rémi-Pierre Paquin and Julie Perreault to lend to exercise. Marina Orsini is also on the list of faces to whom Vero and his team will pay tribute.

Last week, for the first time , 881,000 viewers won the first time , a very honorable performance considering TVA’s fierce competition with Face au Mur , which does not take into account subsequent recordings and other screenings.

In love with Quebec

Now that the adventure BMO 1st time is on track, Véronique Cloutier will have the opportunity, shortly, to focus on another challenge which packs the highest point: the animation of his ComédiHa Gala !, which will be presented on Thursday August 16, at Montcalm Palace, Quebec City.

She had lived the experience at the same festival by co-piloting a gala with her husband, Louis Morissette, in 2015, but this time it is solo that Veronique Cloutier will hold the reins of his appointment.

In a staging by Jean-François Blais, the star favorite of Quebecers will offer a show to his image, tinged with self-deprecation that we know, and consisting of music numbers and varieties. The identity of its guests is not yet officially stopped, but Vero promises great names of humor.

Only niche in which she will not venture into this one-night event: imitations, because her colleague Véronique Claveau, who also gives in this art, will co-host a gala ComediHa! with Mario Tessier, the next day, Friday 17 August.

“I really do not dare to define myself as a comedian yet, certainly, three or four years ago, I would have said no, confessed Véronique Cloutier about this proposal that was submitted to him to play alone the role of mistress of ceremony. There, I am really stronger from my experience with Les Morissette ; Louis taught me a lot of humor. I feel strong enough now, confident enough to try myself. “

“It was a question of good timing , too,” continues Vero. The tour ended when I had the call of Jean-François Blais, and I thought I would miss him, to do the stage. It was perfect. I really like event stuff, like the Gemini Galas that I animated. I really like these evenings that happen only once, where we put the package. I’m really happy to have said yes! “

Her pleasure is all the greater as the communicator says she loves Quebec City.

“It’s a place where I loved playing with Les Morissette . I always have the taste to party in Quebec! (laughs) That’s what comes to mind. Everyone who makes the ComediHa !, the technical team, the artists, the people of Radio-Canada (who broadcast the galas, ed) , we are all staying at the hotel at the same time, and it becomes a bit like a holiday camp, even if you work. I lived it three years ago, when I did it with Les Morissette ; we had a memorable party with Phil Roy, among others. We went to bed at four-thirty in the morning! “

A first house Véro & Louis

Véronique Cloutier is also still in charge of the magazine that bears her name, published by KO Média, and her clothing company for sale in L’Aubainerie stores.

She is also still working with her man from the Fondation Véro & Louis, which will open in Varennes in about a year, a first home that can accommodate adults aged 21 and over struggling with a spectrum disorder. autism.

The first shovel of soil of the first house marked with the seal Véro & Louis will be carried out this summer or in the autumn. The Foundation’s executives are currently breaking up with the paperwork inherent in the project.

We can always contribute to the Fondation Véro & Louis through the various projects of the organization. In addition, the association will join forces with the Antoine Fund, chaired by ComédiHa !, Sylvain Parent-Bédard, during the next edition of the festival. Some philanthropic activities will take place during the next ComediHa !, and the amassed funds will be divided equally between the two groups. More information is available on the ComediHa Facebook page! .