Two cyclists were violently attacked by a puma on the morning of Saturday, May 19, while taking a mountain bike ride in the mountains about 50 kilometers from Seattle (USA ). A 32-year-old man was killed by the animal and his 31-year-old comrade was seriously injured. His days are no longer in danger, according to  Komo News.

The wild animal first attacked his two victims, who managed to put him to flight by beating him with their bikes. But the cougar was again thrown on the cyclists. The cat caught the head of one of the thirty in his mouth while the other man has fled. The beast then chose to let go of his prey and to pursue the fugitive.

The fallen puma

The survivor on the attack was able to get on his bike and go to an area where his cell phone was working to call for help. The latter saw once on the spot the death of the other cyclist. The cougar was still standing close to the body. The police fired on the animal, which fled. The feline was finally shot a few hours later.

In case of attack, “make a lot of noise, that’s what people are advised to do. Do not run, whatever happens, do not run. Throw things at him and make some noise, “said Captain Alan Myers of the Washington State Department of Fish, Wildlife and Flora.