Deadly Class or the school of assassins. Series created by the Russo Brothers from the comic.

The news of the US trailers of upcoming series comes this morning from SYFY for Deadly Class. We already showed you the first video at the Comic Con New York, here is the second trailer, in original version:


Adaptive of the comics of Rick Remender and Wesley Craig, published since 2014 at Image Comics (neither Marvel nor DC so), the series is created – the pilot already – by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, the directors of Avengers: Infinity War, and currently at work on Avengers 4. 

The pitch

At the end of the 1980s, Marcus Lopez (Benjamin Wadsworth), in his teens, was recruited by a secret and very select school of assassins. Through the moral code of the establishment, the vices of each and the game of clans, Marcus will have to survive in a place where murder is taught as an art. In the background, an original initiatory journey towards the passage to adulthood.

The picture of the cast

The photo above was taken at Comic-Con in San Diego last July. From left to right :

  1. Luke Tennie is Willie, a student of the school and leader of a gang in spite of himself, basically honest and art lover,
  2. Lana Condor is Saya with the fatal reputation and banned from her Yakuza clan, sent to go green at school,
  3. Benedict Wong is Master Lin, the Director of the School of the Deadly Arts, feared by his students,
  4. Benjamin Wadsworth is Marcus, the hero of Deadly Class,
  5. Maria Gabriela de Faria is Maria, an extroverted criminal, exhibitionist and emotional whose instability is treated at school as a weapon.

Bonus: the presence in the secondary cast of musician and protagonist Henry Rollins , formerly of the legendary Black Flag band.