Iran announced Thursday that it has shot down an American “spy drone”. A new stage in the very lively tension between the country and the United States. Donald Trump accuses Iran of attacking a Japanese tanker in the Arabian Sea. Prosecution firmly denied by Tehran. Since May 2018 and the withdrawal of the United States from the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear power, the tension continues to grow throughout the region. It is now reaching its climax.

Tensions are growing between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States. Washington accuses Iran of causing explosions that damaged two oil tankers – Norwegian and Japanese – on June 13, near the strategic Strait of Ormuz. Iran has denied any involvement, but since then tensions have been rising in the region. On June 20, Iran announced that it had shot down a “US spy drone” fearing the outbreak of open conflict.

Despite repeated claims by US and Iranian officials that their respective countries are not seeking war, the recent escalation of tensions in the Gulf is raising fears that a spark will ignite the powder. In Europe, it’s worry. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian stressed that there was “little time” to reverse the course of events in the Gulf and the head of German diplomacy refers to him, a “risk of war.”

President Donald Trump Reaction on Drone shooting

US President Donald Trump said Iran made “a huge mistake” shortly after the Pentagon confirmed that Iranian forces had shot down a US Navy surveillance drone.

“Iran made a huge mistake!”, Simply dropped the US President in a laconic tweet. American reacted the destruction of an American UAV by the Iranians saying Iran “has made a huge fault”.

CNN Report on Iran Shooting US Drone