Violence between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has been going on for two days now. 360 rockets have already been fired from Gaza to Israel. 90 percent of them say they have stopped the Israeli army.

The fighting began after Israel killed an important commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Both the commander of that battle group, Baha Abu al-Ata, and his wife were killed in that attack.

That caused a lot of unrest in the area.

The Palestinian group has since fired rockets at Israel almost continuously. The Israeli army says that 360 rockets have already been fired from Gaza. 90% of this would have been stopped with anti-aircraft guns.

Due to the rocket attacks, air alarms are constantly sounding in southern Israel. Schools remain closed and public life stops.

The Israelis react with air strikes on the Gaza Strip. In addition, more than thirty Palestinians, including three children, are said to have died.

Last night, six civilian deaths would have been caused by an air raid on a house in the Gaza. No people were killed in Israel, but more than 60 people were injured.

Yesterday evening the Palestinian Islamic Jihad proposed a ceasefire. The leader of that group, Zeyad al-Nakhala, reported that in a television interview on a Lebanese channel.

He does set a number of conditions. For example, he wants Israel to stop targeted air attacks on people. He also believes that there should be an end to the deadly violence in the border protests in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has not yet responded to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad proposal.