As part of its commitment to cities and their communities, Uber launched the Uber Movement in Paris and Ile-de-France at Autonomy, a forum dedicated to the future of urban mobility.

Paris is the first European city to be integrated into the site. Anonymised data is available to all city planners, local elected officials, private decision-makers, and the general public to help them better understand the transportation needs of their cities and how to better invest in new infrastructure.

Uber Movement shows area travel times from data from more than two billion trips that drivers and passengers could make with the Uber app. These areas cover the boundaries usually used by planners. For Paris and Ile-de-France, Uber used the IRIS and the communes. This will make it possible to evaluate more effectively where their transport infrastructure investments should be made in their cities.

Over time, Uber will add more and more features to Uber Movement, with even more data and cities available.