Hunger in the world is progressing, it is ugly, winter is coming, we discover that all Hollywood is populated by potential predators, our zozote president … But we are not at the end of our troubles. The sequel to  Twins arrives.

We can not say that in recent years Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career has given us great rejoicing. The actor currently alternates between reminiscences of his past glory, Killing Gunther delusions, or even improbable sequences of dispensable films, like the project that interests us today.

Oh well, we knew how to laugh in the 80s …

We had of course heard that Twins could know a sequel, but the idea seemed sufficiently absurd and the lack of update sufficiently reassuring to forget a little this idea.
It was without counting on Murphy’s Law, bad luck, fate. Indeed,  Arnold Schwarzenegger has just confirmed that Triplets, the sequel of  Twins was moving fast.

“I talked yesterday with my agent and he told me that the script would be finished within 15 days. Ivan Reitman is extremely satisfied with what he has seen so far, he only wants to make some changes, which I am delighted. I think we can shoot the film early next year.Everyone is happy to make the film. “

As long as Danny de Vito is in the game …