President Trump says he is willing to talk to the Iranian president or Ayatollah, who together form the highest authority in the country. This is reported by a reporter from the American news channel NBC after an interview with the president that has yet to be broadcast.

Moreover, the US president would have no prior conditions for an interview. Trump does state that the Iranian ballistic missiles should in any case be part of a possible deal. 

Previously, Trump also insisted on a conversation with the Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei, the highest spiritual leader and thus the actual ruler, but he refused.

The Iranian state television reported earlier today that US military bases in the Middle East and US aircraft carriers are “within reach” of their precision rockets.

Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1978, an American president and Iranian ayatollah have never spoken. President Obama did talk to the Iranian president over the phone once and the two shook hands at the United Nations. 

Trump’s invitation comes one year after the historic encounter with another US arch-enemy: North Korea. on 12 June 2018, Trump and the Kim Jong-un spoke for 45 minutes. That was the first time in the history of North Korea’s existence.