Donald Trump has won the Golden Raspberry Award for worst actor. The American president won the prize for worst film performance of the past year for his ‘roles’ in the documentaries Fahrenheit 11/9 and Death of a Nation. In both films, archive material from Trump is used.

It is not the only ‘Razzie’ that the American won during the 39th edition of the prize rain. Trump, who in 1991 received an award for the worst male supporting role, was also crowned the worst duo, for himself and his ‘self-sustaining narrow-mindedness’. His wife Melanie also had a chance of winning the golden raspberry for her supporting role in Michael Moores Fahrenheit 11/9, but saw the statue go to Trumps advisor Kellyanne Conway for the same documentary.

The big ‘winner’ is Holmes & Watson. The comedy about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, in which Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play the leading roles, won four awards. The film was chosen as the worst film and the worst remake, counterfeiting or sequel. Etan Cohen was also awarded the prize for worst director and the acting performance of Reilly was not enough to go home with the figurine for the worst male supporting role.

The Golden Raspberry Awards are golden figurines in the shape of a raspberry that are a satirical counterpart to the Oscars. True to tradition, the statuettes are presented the day before the prestigious Oscars.