US President Donald Trump has said that the “harassment” he has endured for 3 years has made him lose points in opinion polls for the upcoming presidential election.

Trump had written in a tweet: “If I hadn’t been harassed for 3 years by fake and unlawful investigations, Russia, Russia, and Russia, and then the trick of my dismissal, I would now be 25 points ahead of the sleepy Joe Biden and the useless Democrats. That’s not fair, but The facts cannot be changed. “

A poll prepared by the CNN network, Joe Biden, the former Vice President, outperformed the current President Donald Trump in the 2020 approval rating.

The poll figures indicated that Biden received 51 percent of the registered voters in the United States, compared to 41 percent for Trump, “which represents a major shift in the size of support for Biden, who was 48 percent, compared to 43 percent for Trump in the survey last April.