Donald Trump has once again argued on Twitter. The American president held a ranting Sunday evening about not having received enough honor for his commitment to the current prison system. Trump particularly lashed out at John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen.

“Melania, please give this man some appreciation. He needs you”

The president said he personally ensured that a bill was submitted that tackles the high penalties in the United States and therefore the full prisons. “Guests like the boring musician John Legend and his dirty-mouthed wife are now talking about how good that is. But I didn’t see them when we needed help to get it done,” he tweeted.

The singer and the model, overt opponents of Trump, do not seem to be stuck with his criticism. John thinks the president needs some extra attention from his wife Melania. “Melania, please give this man some appreciation. He needs you.” Chrissy, too, does not care about Trump’s anger. The model shared a photo on which she makes a blackboard with sweet messages on it because of the first day of school by daughter Luna. “Luna, do you remember the night before your first day of school? When Mama made you a blackboard and that what you had from a president for the ninth time that day had a slump.”